Life and Death in the Wilderness: Skills for Congregational and Communal Life and Leadership

TRP2665HF  L0101
Offered in Summer 2011  ·  New Course · Toronto (St. George Campus) Site

We will imagine the book of Numbers as a ‘dream’ (nightmare?) experience that can teach us about the kinds of skills communities and their leaders require to cope with life and death in a risk-filled environment. At its promptings we will explore specific congregational leadership issues including, planning, assessing resources, drawing forth, developing and changing volunteer leadership, mission, building vision and making change, recognizing and nurturing what gives a community life, coping with the reality of communal death, and above all, the life and death risk of traveling with the living God. Requirements: Lectures, readings, group discussions, practical skill-building projects, and short papers.

Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, 18:00 to 21:00 · Begins: 05/24 · Ends: 06/23
Schedule Notes: May 24 to June 23, 2011
Instructors: Walter Deller
Teaching Methods: Lectures
Other Information: First Semester · One Credit · Min: 8
Enrollment Notes: Wihdrawal Deadline:  June 1, 2011
Additional Notes: Location:  Larkin Building, Room 212.

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