2013 TST Scholarships and Awards Awarded

Congratulations to the following 2013 award recipients!

Gordon Farquharson Scholarship, for academic excellence: Lane Scruggs, a Th.D. candidate at Wycliffe College. Lane’s intellect and scholarly capacities are of the highest order and he has proven himself able to work diligently, creatively and effectively in the academic context.

Margaret E. Fleck Scholarship, for academic excellence and demonstrated ability to communicate to the wider community has been awarded to Margaret Beth McCutcheon, a Th.D. candidate at Regis College. Beth is a diligent, highly motivated and insightful scholar; she has demonstrated her ability to communicate effectively to the broader community using a range of media and in a variety of contexts including television, workshops retreats, chaplaincy situations, and advocacy.

The Douglas Jay Scholarship, for a student working in the area of Christian Social Ethics has been awarded to Rachel Tulloch, a Th.D. candidate at Wycliffe College. Rachel’s research interest is focused on the Eucharist as the site of intersection between the Church’s liturgy and its pursuit of social justice.

The John M. Kelly Award, for service to the TST and academic achievement has been awarded to Erin Green, a Th.D. candidate at Emmanuel College. Erin has been very active in participating in numerous dimensions of TST life, most notably her reliable and effective work as ADSA president, as well as her faithful involvement in the TST Board and its Executive Committee; she has also made many contributions to the planning and realization of various workshops, meetings, and social events in addition to her passionate and inspired leadership in the planning and delivery of “The Aspiring Academics Symposium”.

Order of St. Lazarus Bursary, for an advanced degree student working in the area of ecumenism: has been awarded to David Csinos, a Th.D. candidate at Emmanuel College. David’s academic work in childhood studies is multicultural and multidenominational, and as a Mennonite has studied at a Baptist school and a United Church school, and has worked with Anglicans and Presbyterians as well, and has organized inter-denominational events and worked with ecumenical organizations.

The Marjorie Watson Powles Award, for active engagement in community and congregational life, strong feminist perspective and transformative vision, and demonstrated academic excellence was awarded to Jessica Rempel, a M.Div. student at Emmanuel College. Jessica is actively involved in her congregation and the wider community bringing people together so that there is a sense of belonging. She has put her commitment to feminism into action through her empowerment work with women who are experiencing homelessness.

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