Master of Arts (MA) in Theology (St. Michael's)*

This program is designed to foster graduate-level competence in several basic areas of theological study, and to provide the opportunity for more advanced work in areas of particular interest to the student. It prepares the student for admission to a doctoral program.

An MA student may complete the degree program entirely on a part-time basis. The minimum time required to complete the program is two years, the maximum allowed is six years and consists of twelve courses. A thesis of at least 12,500 words is also required.

Please note that the Master of Arts in Theology degree is awarded by the University of St. Michael’s College, and is not conferred conjointly with the University of Toronto and your college of registration. Students in such non-conjoint degrees have limited access to student and library services provided by the University of Toronto.

More information can be found in the MA Handbook.

*EXPECTED CLOSURE.  Please note that TST’s current expectation is that the non-conjoint MA (Theology) (St. Michael’s) program will be permanently closed to new admissions after September 2016. A new conjoint “MA in Theological Studies” (currently undergoing an approval process) is expected to replace the St. Michael’s MA degree program. TST, of course, is strongly committed to supporting all MA students to the completion of the programs into which they were admitted.