Jerusalem in the Time of Jesus

SMB6940HF  L0101
Offered in Fall 2012  ·  Previously offered in Fall 2011 · Toronto (St. George Campus) Site

Urban development of Jerusalem from the beginning of the Hasmonean period (100 BCE) and its expansion and enhancement under Herod the Great. How much of this Jerusalem did Jesus see and know? Historical and Archeological data amplifies the Biblical text. We will also consider the problems of the Temple Mount: definition and location of sanctity, water installations, entertainment structures as well as defining and elucidating the location of Jesus' trial before Pontius Pilate. Informed attendance and participation in class discussion. Final paper.

Basic Degree students enrol in SMB3940HF.

Schedule: Tuesday, 17:00 to 19:00
Teaching Methods: Lectures
Other Information: First Semester · One Credit

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