Angelology: The Theology of Spiritual Creatures

SMT3366HS  L0101 · Cancelled on 2010/05/15
Offered in Summer 2010  ·  New Course · Toronto (St. George Campus) Site

This course introduces students to the Christian theology of spiritual creatures from a Roman Catholic perspective. The course will develop historically and theologically. Students will study the role of spiritual creatures in the Bible, as well as key theological articulations from the Patristic, Medieval and Modern eras. Attention will also be given to the place of spiritual creatures within the history of the Christian spirituality and imagination.  Lectures and seminars.  Means of Evaluation: Reflection paper - 25%, Final Exam: - 25%, Bibliography assignment - 25%, Participation in Class Discussion – 25%.


Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 900 to 1200 · Begins: 07/05 · Ends: 07/15
Schedule Notes: July 5 to July 15
Teaching Methods: Lectures, Seminars
Other Information: Second Semester · One Credit
Enrollment Notes: Last day to withdraw: July 7, 2010.

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