Job Outlook for Doctoral Graduates

The Society of Biblical Literature has recently published a Jobs Report for Theological, Religious, and Biblical Studies based on 2011-2012 data. You can download it as a PDF file here.

A key finding is that the number of academic positions increased markedly from 2010 to 2011, and plateaued in 2012. A typical new position is a full-time tenure-track appointment. However, the report indicates that non-tenure-track positions are probably under-reported.

In the U.S., most new positions were in private institutions. There were few vacancies at U.S. public institutions at the baccalaureate level. However, the most stable programs were doctoral programs at U.S. public universities.

Over the past decade, the greatest number of new academic appointments have been in New Testament / Christian Origins (514), Hebrew Bible / Ancient Near Eastern Religion (509), Islamic Studies (458), History of Christianity / Church History (326), and Jewish Studies (313).